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Marine detailing


When it comes to your water craft, the importance of protection is as essential as maintaining aesthetic. We approach each marine job with the long term wear and tear in mind beginning with hull prep before your launch and ending with winterization. 


With years of experience in the industry, we focus our exterior and interior detailing services on proactive maintenance and the highest quality products for paint protection.

Consider the impact on your boat as it’s parked at the same dock, in the same direction year  after year with continual exposure to the elements. The sun works exponentially to fade and dry out exterior surfaces, while the salt adds continual agitation that accelerates deterioration.


Because we know your vessel is not only a passion but an investment, we’re committed to setting you up with routine services that add value to your boat as well as maintaining the visual appeal. 


Ceramic coating significantly reduces the need to reapply wax and eliminates the stress around accelerated wear and tear from seasonal elements.

Ready to Get Started?

To request a proposal for marine detailing, send us the - Year,  length, make and model of the Vessel. Whether it’s gel coat or painted exterior, and the location where it’s docked. 


Thanks for submitting! Someone will be in touch soon!

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