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About Annapolis
Performance Coatings


Annapolis Performance Coatings was born in 2016, through the passion and expertise of Tommy Gontkof and his associates after 19 years of experience in the automotive and marine detailing industry.  


Our vision is simple, build a client experience that allows us to give people the highest quality detailing along with excellent and personalized customer service from start to finish! We take pride in every job we execute and are intentional about every product we choose knowing that our work has the potential to not only add protection to your purchase but extend its lifetime and value.

As professionals and individuals we’re passionate about the industry and believe in the importance of educating our customers on vehicle specific maintenance recommendations,  our products, and detailing services. Our commitment to customer service means you can rely on us for expertise throughout and after your detailing job with APC.


APC is an authorized installer of System X ceramic coatings and is committed to staying educated on the highest quality products used in our industry. 

Meet the Owner


Tommy Gontkof

Tommy is the Founder and Owner of Annapolis Performance Coatings. As an enthusiast, Tommy has been around cars and boats as far back as he can remember growing up in Pasadena, Maryland. As a professional detailer in the industry for over 18 years, he’s enjoyed many unique experiences including racing in the 2014 GT Academy in England, traveling to Barcelona to support an APC sponsored race car driver, and transporting vessels up and down the East Coast. Tommy is married to his best friend, Ashley, and they enjoy spending time with their two super rad kids, Colin and Caitlyn.


In addition to being passionate, Tommy is highly dedicated, and generous. He has the ability to make anyone feel like a friend after just 5 minutes of meeting him. It’s that quality that we’ve watched build relationship and trust with customers here at APC time and time again.

Meet the Staff



Technician for automotive detailing services.


Matt is focused on precision and constantly works towards honing his skills in ceramic coatings and paint protection film. He’s very interested in understanding how to deliver a quality product to our customers and has been consistent with his development here at APC. Outside of APC, Matt is an avid gamer and spends a lot of his time with his girlfriend, Gina and their two pups. 



Technician for automotive detailing services.


John has been in the automotive industry for years, developing his skills and staying focused on quality. A determined detailer, John puts his earbuds in and rocks out while making your vehicles shine! Outside of business hours, John spends time with his girlfriend, Kayla and their akita. After work he enjoys hitting the gym, gaming and just has an all around good time! 




Jen is the newest member of our team at APC. She brings years of experience in detailing cars as well as customer service. Jen loves philosophy, nature, activism, and spreading LOVE and LIGHT into the world but her favorite thing to do is spend time with her son Cy and their dog Mama bear.

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