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referral program


How does a free service sound to you? Tell a friend about us (must be a new customer to APC), and give them your unique customer referral code to give them a discount and put money on your account for future services. Here is how it works. You tell a friend about us, they purchase a service using your referral code - upon completion they will receive a 5% discount and you will receive a credit on your account. We are running a multi tier referral program, details are in the infographic below. These discounts are only applicable to new customers and the credit on your account can accumulate to the point where your next service could be free!! To get your unique code, simply send us a message and we’ll get that over to you.


Tier 1: up to $499

5% off for new customer, $25 credit


Tier 2: $500-$999

5% off for new customer, $50 credit


Tier 3: $1000+

5% off for new customer, $100 credit

Here is how to enter the code:

For online bookings, the new customer may enter their code manually under the "+ COUPON, EGIFT CARD, REFERRAL" option (see image).

Or for any bookings in shop or on the phone, we can enter that code from our end. 

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 12.53.15 PM.png


Give your friends and family a discount and put money on your account for future services!

Thanks for submitting! Someone will be in touch soon!

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