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Benefits of Ceramic Coating and Why You Need One

Here at APC, you can trust us to get your vehicle prepared to take on some miles and make memories. Protecting your paint is one of the most important pieces of maintaining your vehicle. By adding a protective layer to your paint, you can help prevent damage to your clear coat.

Ceramic Coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect the paint from external damage. The liquid solution contains nano-ceramic particles that harden into an ultra thin glass-like film as it dries. This ceramic film is hydrophobic in nature, which means it’s designed to repel water, dirt, grime and debris; These factors create a smooth and glossy finish.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating/ Why You Need One

  • Protects your paint from the suns damaging rays as well as oxidizing, especially if the vehicle is kept parked outside.

  • Stops contaminants from bonding with your paint/causing discoloration

  • Makes cleaning and detailing less of a headache

  • Glossy finish that adds depth to your vehicles paint job

Please remember that while ceramic coatings are a great tool to have in your vehicle care arsenal, they DO not:

  • protect against deep scratches, heavy swirl marks, and large rock chips.

  • stop the need for regular car washes

  • last forever

A properly maintained ceramic coating can last for the life of the vehicle. Our ceramic coatings come with a 10 year warranty with an annual maintenance program. Once a year we will thoroughly clean your vehicle and prepare the surface for an additional layer of our maintenance coating called “TopCoat”. This restores the hydrophobic properties of the coating and delivers the gloss factor back to your finish. This service is required to maintain the good standing of your ceramic warranty.

While pricing varies between vehicle type/condition and service package

our ceramic coatings typically range from $1300 to upwards of $3,000. The yearly maintenance wash that is required ranges in price from around $300-$500. Our ceramic coating packages and maintenance wash packages do come with add-ons if you are interested in additional services. Click here to learn more about the packages that we offer!



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