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How to Care for Your Vehicle in Winter

It’s winter here in MD and you have concerns about your vehicle making it through the cold and icy conditions. The salt on the roads really does a number on your vehicle and we have just what you need to protect your asset. For starters, ceramic coatings play defense against all environments and will stand up to the coldest days and the harshest chemicals we see on our roads today. Ceramic coatings make cleaning the snow off of your car a breeze, you’ll actually enjoy how quickly the snow just slides right off!

Snow removal can be dangerous to your vehicle, we recommend using the least amount of force to clean your car off before heading down the road. Be safe, make sure your roof is clear as well, heavy braking can loosen up snow or ice from your roof and obstruct your view or the view of the car behind you! Looking for a temporary solution without breaking the bank? We offer a ceramic sealant that you can apply to your vehicle to help provide a slick surface to a clean car before the weather hits!

Ice. No one wants to spend time waiting for the windshield to defrost all of that ice, nor do we want to scrape the ice away. It’s a tedious process and can damage your glass and paint. With our glass coating, ice has a much harder time adhering to the surface, making removal much quicker and safer. Do you need your glass coated? Click here!

Visibility is extremely important to us, this is why we make sure all of the vehicles that leave our shop have crystal clear glass that also offers hydrophobic properties to repel rain, sleet and snow. Our glass cleaner can be purchased here.

We hope you enjoy the winter months in Annapolis, if you are interested in some of our services please visit our virtual shop! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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