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Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating: What do I need?

If you’ve thought about protecting your vehicle, you’ve likely heard this term. While it might seem fairly self-explanatory, there are a few key details and a long list of benefits when it comes to PPF.

So, what exactly is PPF? It is a type of transparent plastic that is turned into a dual-layered film. The resulting combination is a film that elasticity and malleability in order to cover and protect the front end of your vehicle from rock chips, paint fading, tree sap, dings and scratches, Ice salt, acidic rain, and more. This also allows the PPF to have self-healing properties when in contact with heat.

Why PPF and not a bra? There are countless reasons to choose a “Full Frontal” PPF package instead. Instead of only protecting a small portion of your front end, our package will provide lasting protection to your front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights and mirrors. Some customers prefer to add-on application of the PPF to their roof, pillars, and side skirts as well. While the typical price for PPA application depends on the surface area to be covered on the vehicle, the typical cost for a full frontal kit is around $1,975. (Actual pricing is dependent on the vehicle and the surface area to be covered)

How do I care for the PPF? The maintenance of paint protection film is similar to the rest of your vehicle; the more often it’s cleaned, the longer it will last. As automatic car washes are damaging to your paint, they can also be very damaging to the film. If you take it through a car wash anyway and the water pressure or chemicals are too powerful, they can cause curling/ separation of the film from the surface of your vehicle - please note that this will cause the product to fail and will not be considered the fault of the installer. We also suggest avoiding the use of power washers on the PPF. We recommend waiting at least three days after installation before any sort of washing. However, we urge our customers to use mild soap with lukewarm water and to remove dirt and other buildup when possible.

So, PPF, Ceramic Coating…or both? We want to help you make this choice when the time comes. PPF plays major defense against impacts while ceramic coatings are designed to keep your car glossy and clean. We love to top a PPF install with our ceramic coating to not only protect your car from accidental blemishes, but to also provide a slick surface to your vehicle that keeps it looking brand new. When you are ready to make the move on your next purchase with APC, give us a shout!



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